ENEX Airlock Chambers

ENEX Airlock Chambers

The ENEX Airlock permits the passage of personnel between two separate air pressure environments. 

Using the door vents, the chamber balances the air pressure between environments within the chamber allowing personnel to access one section of the mine to the other without breaching any ventilation pressures.

At 2.3m long, the airlock can comfortably fit three mine personnel and can if required, be used as an emergency rock fall shelter.

The ENEX Airlock is manufactured out of 4mm thick steel RHS & SHS with 3mm steel sheathing.

As a standard module, the airlock can be bolted to single or multiple ENEX Vent Louvre modules.

As a bolt-on item, the airlock door can be used as a stand-alone man door without the airlock chamber, if required.

The wide footing of all modules allows an easy and stable setup for rock bolting and shotcreting into position.

ENEX can custom build your louvre vent, man door and airlock modules to your sizing requirements.

The ENEX Airlock Chambers come standard with the following:

  • 1 x internal opening Rapid Flange Modular System (RFMS) door
  • 1 x external opening RFMS door
  • Both ends have an ENEX RFMS
  • Standards 1900mm internal height

Comes in 1500mm and 3000mm. Contact us for more information.